Lawyer – Autumn 2017

"Wach und Meckes was recommended to me by experienced colleagues as an outstanding law firm with years of experience in handling complex commercial litigation, as well as national and international arbitration. What followed my job application was a professional and transparent application process. The partners invested a lot of time for my three interviews, each of which lasted several hours. It was clear right from our first conversation that the firm was looking for someone who is not only highly qualified, but also whose personality is compatible with the whole team. The partners were very well prepared for the interviews and had gone through all my supporting documents thoroughly. They asked specific questions to find out what experiences I have, where my strengths lie and whether our personalities would fit. Additionally, the partners contacted former employers and clients for references to assist them in their evaluation process. This gave me confidence that the partners attached great weight to selecting the right people, and that I would therefore be part of a team of outstanding colleagues. After my final interview, I was very impressed that the firm organized a lunch session without the partners, where the colleagues were very forthcoming about working together at the firm. Afterwards, the entire team also had a say as to whether they could see me working with the team. I chose Wach + Meckes LLP because I am convinced that it is a firm where I would work in a close-knit team at the highest professional level. It was also important for me to have a good work-life balance despite a demanding job. I look forward to working on exciting cases like those you find in big firms, but with the working atmosphere and advantages of a boutique."

Research assistant from Munich – Summer 2016

"I was with Wach und Meckes for just under two months in the summer of 2016 between my LL.M. and my legal traineeship. Wach und Meckes is made up of a dedicated team that welcomed and integrated me from the get-go. From the beginning, I was included into the firm’s case teams. The tasks assigned to me were diverse and demanding. Initially I chose Wach und Meckes because of my interest in international arbitration. However, over time, I also assisted in other fields and, in doing so, learned many new and interesting things. I worked together with different lawyers and was given a wide range of tasks. I assisted in aspects of insurance law, corporate law and international arbitration, did research, drafted written pleadings, and prepared internal trainings. Wach und Meckes is a boutique focused on complex litigation. Hence, there is no such thing as a typical case, but instead proceedings often takes years and multiple instances, and ultimately the quality of the arguments makes the difference. That's why Wach und Meckes is the right law firm for someone who likes to "sink their teeth" in tricky details and find unconventional solutions. You will be given enough time to familiarize yourself with the complex cases and to discuss your ideas with the team. Whenever there is a problem, someone will always be there to lend a helping hand. Because the work at Wach und Meckes is demanding, I learned a lot. The pleasant and personal working atmosphere in the team contributed to the fact that I had a good time and felt at ease at Wach und Meckes. Anyone looking to be challenged in a great team environment will be in the right place at Wach und Meckes!"

Intern from Leipzig – Summer 2017

"If your only goal is to get a signature as proof of a completed compulsory internship without having to do much, this isn’t the place for you. If, on the other hand, you want to learn a lot and actively participate in cases, you´re at the right place. It was important to me not to be hired for making coffee and photocopies and to get real insight into case work. So this turned out to be my place. After reading my way into two case files, I was allowed to be present for telephone conferences and to collaborate on the minutes, I drafted a chronology of facts and a case evaluation, researched legal questions that determined the existence of contracts and the base of the clients´ claims, attended a hearing at the district court in Munich, participated in an internal training, and more. Unlike what my classmates expressed about their internships, it was not a “make-work” experience. Instead, I got the feeling that I made meaningful contributions. I never dealt with litigation or arbitration during my studies; so that made it even better that I gained deep insights into these practice areas. The warm atmosphere among the colleagues and the guidance provided by two associates also made me look forward to coming to the office every day, and regret that my time at the firm came to an end so quickly."

Intern from Zurich – Autumn 2017

"I got to know Wach und Meckes when I participated with the Zurich team in the All Munich Rounds, the pre-moot to the finals of the 23rd Willem C. Vis Arbitration Moot Courts. After a straightforward initial exchange, I was given the opportunity to complete a short internship at the firm. What spoke to me, in particular, was the firm´s specialization in complex litigation and arbitration. Right at the outset, the firm focused on tailoring the internship to my primary interest, arbitration. The matter I was assigned to could not have been more fitting. In an exciting phase of the case, I gained insight into a complex, cross-border arbitration. Along the way, I was closely supervised by one of the lawyers who specializes in arbitration, and was quickly introduced to many facets of arbitration that were new to me. The informal working atmosphere at the firm deserves mention. The organizational structure is intentionally flat, and therefore all colleagues work together closely. This made my stay at the firm enjoyable and allowed for informative conversations. Anyone interested in complex proceedings before state courts and arbitral tribunals, who also values the personal and down-to-earth approach of working in a smaller team will be in very good hands at Wach und Meckes. Because Munich also has a lot to offer, like a good nightlife, an internship at Wach und Meckes is especially attractive for foreign interns. As for me, I would go back anytime and would be happy to be able to keep in touch with my Wach und Meckes colleagues."

Intern from Munich – Autumn 2016

"I decided on an internship at Wach und Meckes following recommendations when looking for litigation specialists. I was particularly drawn by the prospects of getting to know not only state court proceedings, but also arbitrations. Another plus point for me was the firm´s relatively small size, which I hoped would allow greater personal involvement than in larger firms specializing in the same field. My expectations were met as early as the application process. I received a quick personal response to my email application and was given a spot for an internship for my desired time frame. The uncertainties I felt about how the four weeks would go by were quickly dispelled on the first day. The warm welcome and thorough training by the colleagues made me feel like I was a part of the team right from the start. This feeling stuck and with the benefit of hindsight, I would say that the interaction between the colleagues and the overall atmosphere of the firm was a big plus at the firm. As for my tasks, it quickly became clear that this internship would be about real collaboration, and not just student make-work. I often worked on factual issues and researched questions on substantive law or procedural issues. In the last two weeks of my internship, I was asked to work together with another intern to assist in a multi-year long litigation by preparing a summary of the most important factual and legal questions for a new judge that was about to enter the proceedings. It was great that my hopes to gain real insights into the role of a party representative and also of the arbitrator in arbitration proceedings were met. All my tasks involved working closely with the associates and partners. In this respect, I was impressed how the firm worked as a team at all times. The lawyers´ doors were always open to me. Because of this close team work, I also got a good idea of the responsibilities of a partner and an associate. The firm´s size shouldn’t belie the fact that you find the same variety of cases here as you would in Big Law and, often with an international dimension. As some proceedings are conducted entirely in English, excellent English skills are required for the internship. At the same time, the environment guarantees interesting cases and challenging assignments. Working hours must be considered accordingly. The regular working hours are from 9.00am to 6.00pm. However, if you really get involved, you soon notice that most lawyers work longer than that, and it can sometimes be worthwhile to stay longer if you don’t want to miss anything. This brings me to another point: How much you gain from an internship at Wach und Meckes is entirely up to you. The lawyers will always offer the opportunity to get involved, but they will not force anyone to do more than they can handle. The overall positive impression I got and the feeling of being a part of the team complements all that the firm has to offer. From participating in the weekly discussions of the current case developments, the training discussions on issues that arises in practice, lunches with the lawyers, and finally to the evening at Oktoberfest, nothing was amiss, and there was also plenty of fun. I therefore highly recommend this experience to anyone who wants to gain in-depth insight into the ins and outs of litigation, in a friendly environment."