At times, none at all – if one realizes that a conflict is not a question of law. Conflicts are turmoil in relationships between businesses, people, nations. Their sources are manifold. They can be economical, cultural, ecological, political or inter-personal.

These sources are the key to a lasting solution. Therefore, they determine our resolution strategy. Looking beyond the law opens up a wider arsenal of measures to resolve conflicts more directly, effectively and lasting than litigation. Not only will this save our clients´ energy and calm their nerves, it will most of all swiftly give them the peace they need in order to conduct their business fully focused and undisturbed.

In the individual case, however, litigation may be the path to take in order to advance our clients´ commercial interests. In such case, we go down this path with determination and a clear game plan.

Partner driven approach

Our partners personally drive our cases and are intensively involved in the day to day work for our clients.


We have conducted many complex proceedings all the way through. We know the positive and negative consequences certain actions may have in a later court or arbitration proceeding, on appeal or during enforcement. Even when alternative forms of dispute resolutions are sought, we keep in mind that such disputes can nevertheless end in litigation before courts or arbitration tribunals, and to this end, we recognize the sensitive nature of communications in these early phases.


We advise holistically. We obtain, secure and structure all necessary information to put our client in a strong position. We present our clients´ stance through clear and persuasive argumentations vis-à-vis courts, arbitration tribunals and the opposing party.